M A S S A G E is T H E R A P E U T I C

Our prices are $59 for a 1 hour session and $89 for 90 minutes.

At Massage Hillsboro, we believe massage should be affordable and gimmick free! No memberships required or  rates that increase on your 2nd visit – Just great massage and value! Sessions include time for dressing and consultation.

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Sports Massage

Having a physical activity in the form of sports is a wonderful thing. There are numerous health benefits of people who do sports. However, people weather your sport is tennis, marathon running, weight training or something else, you may face circumstances where your body becomes vulnerable to injuries.

All sports may result in minor and major injuries. However, there are sport massages which not only help you recover from injuries but also enhance your ability and productivity. There are numerous health benefits of sports massage which include increased flexibility and better blood circulation. Many athletes consider getting a massage before and after their match, run, etc. If you are a runner, you may consider getting a massage as it will enhance the blood circulation in your body and dilate your blood vessels which will improve your blood circulation. You will feel lighter and fitter. Also, if you get a minor injury after a run, a sports massage at the right time can help you heal faster. Many professional athletes get regular massages as it relaxes their mind and body and enables them to focus much better.

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Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage. It covers the whole body and is highly popular because of its relaxing and comforting benefits. The basic aim of the Swedish massage is to improve the blood circulation, increase the range of motion, offers relief from pain and to make one feel satisfied and relax. The Swedish massage is highly relaxing as there are massaging strokes and special massage oils which enable your body to release endorphins. These naturally released hormones not only present themselves as a pain killer but they also create an effect of happiness. They help people fight with depression and anxiety.

Many people opt for this massage because they feel this relaxes their body from the fatigue that has been caused because of their daily routines and office work. Health benefits include increasing blood circulation, relaxation, calming your body and mind and healing the body faster.
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Deep tissue massage

For people who have chronic muscle pain we offer deep tissue massage as it is more specific and there is increased pressure. Deep tissue massage helps muscles heal and help them get back in their position. Many people have successfully tried deep tissue massage to recover from deep wounds. This is considered as a natural medical therapy for recovery from deep injuries. If your physician has prescribed you a deep tissue massage, Massage Hillsboro can help you get relief!

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